RFID Silicone Smart Wrist Watch Bracelet

RFID silicone smart watch wristband is of watch shape, and containing RFID chip. It is waterproof and comfortable to wear, can work for access control, cashless payment, ticketing for hotel, sports park, hospital, waterpark, etc.

Product Details

Introduction of RFID Silicone smart wrist watch bracelet

RFID Silicone wristband is made of eco-friendly silicone material. It is very safe to wear, harmless to our health. Slicone wristband is with IP68 waterproof level, we can wear it underwater and work normally. At the same time, the wristband would not stick to our skin and cause uncomfortable feeling.  So silicone wristband is perfect choice for sports, water area antertainment, personal caring center, hospital, etc. 

Like all RFID products, our wristband containing RFID chip, which makes our wristband into a smart bracelet for storing data and work for access control, etc. 


Feature of RFID Silicone smart wrist watch bracelet

  1. Many holes on bracelet, let free of you skin for breath

  2. Smooth surface, comfortable to wear

  3. Adjustable size, one size wrist bracelet for all people 

Breathable wristband2.jpg


Product Name

RFID Silicone smart wrist watch bracelet

Model NO.





open-loop wristband


235 x 17mm



Supported Standards

ISO14443A, ISO18000


LF: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 and Hi   tag series  

HF: FM11RF08, MIFARE S50, MIFARE   S70, Ultralight(C), NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216, Mifare Desfire, Mifare Plus,   etc


Debossed or embossed printing,   silkscreen printing, laser engrave printing


Red, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, customize, etc


embossed or debossed, silkscreen   printing with company logo or website, laser engrave with number

Working Temperature

-30~220 ºC


100pcs/polybag, 20bags/carton


RFID silicone wristband is widely used for hotel door lock access control, 

Amusement, waterpark ticketing


Patient data storing

Sports area membership management

Production procedure

Proudtek is equiped with full advanced RFID silicone bracelet manufacturing equipments. 

Our production equipment is including RFID chip function checking machine, rubber mixing machine, stripping cutting machine, vulcanizing machine, silkscreen printing machine, laser engrave machine, etc.

We are not only offer OEM wristbands, but can also customize wristbands according to customer's requirement.


Our Service

  1. Free samples are available for your testing before placing order.

  2. 100% quality checking and assurance before delivering

  3.  Economical or quickly transportation way would be suggested to you according to your requirement.

  4. All your email would be responsed within 7hours during working day

  5. Any complaint would be repsonsed within 5hours. 

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