RFID Custom Fabric Event Wristbands For Party

RFID Fabric Event Wristband is working as an electronic ticket for registeration, access control, cashless payment during the whole events

Product Details

RFID Custom Fabric Event Wristbands for Party                                                       

RFID Fabric Event wristbands made of eco-friendly polyester material, can be printed with any design and any pantone matched color. It is a fashionable, wearable ticket for events ranges private party, wedding, exhibition, meeting, concert, venues, and festivals. Fabric event wristband ticket is suitable for any size, anywhere, and any events. 



Dimension of Strap350x15mm or customized
Lock typeOne-time-use-off plastic slider or Reusable Round bead or others
RFID Chip tag Dimension35x25mm
RFID Chip tag MaterialEco-friendly PVC 
Most frequently used RFID ChipMifare 1k Classic, Mifare 4k, Ultralight, Ultralight C, Ntag213, TK4100, etc. 
Personalization of PVC tagOffset printing of Logo, Laser engraving UID number, barcode printing, epoxy layer, etc.
Reading distance

Why Use RFID Fabric Wristband for Event?                                                               

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RFID Event Wristband is working as a physical ticket, replacing traditional paper ticket, it is more fashionable, attractive, and wearable. With RFID chip card, each wristband is with a unique ID number, which can avoid fraud, and protect the vendor's profit and enhance the event's security.

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Access Control

RFID technology enable the access control to be realized by a simple tamping to the reader. It takes only seconds. Comparing traditional labor checking, registration, and releasing, RFID Event wristband greatly enhance work efficiency, save labor cost, speed up the access stream, avoid long queues, and brings much higher satisfaction. 

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Cashless Payment

Worrying about loss of wallet? Worrying about no enough changes? No. With a RFID event wristband, you will have an electronic wallet. With a simple scanning, you can pay for what you want to buy in the event area.  When the event finish, you can get the balance returned to your own bank account. 

Why is Proud Tek's RFID Fabric Wristband?                                                              

◆ Proud Tek's fabric event wristband can integrate with any event management software.

◆ Proud Tek is RFID card factory, deeply understand RFID technology, can supply you suitable suggestion.

◆ Proud Tek has years' experience in supporting various events, we can recommend you the most suitable wristbands based on your event feature.

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