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What Is RFID Technology

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Radio frequency Identification technology RFID is a non-contact automatic recognition technology, it uses the radio frequency method to carry on the Non-contact two-way communication, achieves the automatic Recognition target object (electronic label) and obtains the related data, has the high precision, the adaptation environment ability is strong, the anti-interference is strong, the operation is quick, the recognition work does not need the manual intervention, the service life is long The reading distance can be close to (a few centimeters to dozens of meters), large storage information, high confidentiality (each electronic tag has a unique ID number), read and write do not need a light source, can read data through external materials, can work in harsh environment, can be embedded or attached to different types of products, Many of the advantages of being able to handle multiple labels at the same time.

The Accenture laboratory chief, Sir Alex Ferguson, believes that RFID is a groundbreaking technology: "First, you can identify individual objects, not just the same thing as barcodes; second, by using radio frequency, you can read data through external materials, and barcodes must be read by lasers; third, You can read multiple objects at the same time, and barcodes can be read only one by one. In addition, the amount of information stored is very large. "

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