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The Main Use Of Domestic Label Printing Technology

- Sep 28, 2017 -

At present, domestic label printing mainly used letterpress printing, Offsctdruckereien, Flexo printing and screen printing several ways, from the technical point of view, these printing methods are different, have their own inherent advantages, disadvantages, there is no printing method can replace another one of the printing method.

Offsctdruckereien is a more extensive printing method, the domestic single sheet printing is the basic offsctdruckereien of the world, this printing method speed, high printing clarity, overprinter accurate, printing level full, but poor durability at the same time ink layer is relatively shallow, not suitable for printing color bright label products.

Letterpress printed copy of the text clarity, high printing speed, color intensity and durability than offsctdruckereien, slightly worse than screen printing, but the level of embodiment and registration is stronger than screen printing and flexo printing, so most of the domestic use of Letterpress printing method label production.

The biggest advantage of screen printing is that the ink layer is thick and the covering power is good, but the speed is slow, the level is poor, the registration degree is low (this refers to the domestic general level, has been developed in recent years, the screen printing machine registration accuracy has reached 10 silk, the speed of 6000 printed), so screen printing machine can be used to print a layer of the label.

Flexo printing characteristics of the printing is more centered, foreign use this way to print labels, but this technology on the roller processing and workers technical requirements are very high, although the machine is relatively simple but the process is quite complex, in the domestic use of this way of printing labels are not many.

To print the most exquisite labels, you need to be in the process of printing a variety of effective combination of processes, the advantages of a variety of printing methods to integrate, to form a greater combination of advantages.

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