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Super Slim RFID Laundry Tag

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Super slim RFID technology laundry label on the market. The width of the label is only 6-7 mm and it can be sewn into the sheets, tablecloths, uniforms and other textiles.


The demand for RFID technology in the medical and hospitality industries is increasing. More and more customers also require RFID tags embedded in the manufacturing sites.

The reduction of the tag size is brought about by antenna optimization. At present, the product is being tested by several companies. The product will begin mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, which is 30% to 40% smaller than most existing labels on the market.

Laundry and garment rental companies that provide services to hospitals, industry and hotels are the main users of this technology deployment. Since a large number of items typically move back and forth between several locations for cleaning, storage, and use, the management of these textiles often encounters many difficulties.

Using RFID tags, laundry companies can know when to wash clothes and track their washing, drying and folding processes. Hotels or hospitals can also use this technology to manage textile receiving and washing.

The use of washable labels in textiles often has some difficulties. Because RFID tags tend to be large in size, the attachment of tags often requires changes to the manufacturing process. In some cases, the company had to sewn a bag on the product to store the label.

However, these customers feedback that they want a label that can be easily inserted into textile seams. The new label meets the demands of these customers. It has a width of between 6mm and 7mm and can be inserted into seams and sewn.

Super Slim tags can read hundreds or thousands of tags in batches and read distances of up to 2 to 3meters. The labels are water-resistant and can withstand the chemicals used in the cleaning process. 

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