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Shenzhen 2018 The International IOTE Summer Exhibition Opening Soon

- Jul 23, 2018 -

      Shenzhen 2018 The International IOTE Summer Exhibition Opening Soon


The IOTE 2018 International Summer Exhibition will be hold at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center next week from July 31st to August 2nd. RFID will play a very important role in this Exhibition.


RFID technologies are currently widely used in our daily life almost in every aspect. It is now being deployed at large, midsize and small companies to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and achieve other significant business benefits.


It is designed to help companies considering using RFID technologies to address real business challenges determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward.



Here I summarize 18 applications of RFID for your reference.


1. Logistics: Cargo tracking in the logistics process, automatic information collection, warehousing  application, port application, express delivery.

2, retail: real-time statistics of sales data of goods, replenishment, anti-theft.

3. Manufacturing: real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, and automated production.

 4, clothing industry: automated production, warehousing management, brand management, single product management, channel management.

5, medical: medical device management, patient identification, baby anti-theft.

6, identification: e-passport, ID card, student ID and other electronic documents.

7, anti-counterfeiting: anti-counterfeiting of valuables (smoke, alcohol, drugs), anti-counterfeiting of tickets and so on.

8. Asset management: all kinds of assets (precious or large similarities or dangerous goods, etc.)

9. Transportation: high speed no parking, taxi management, bus hub management, railway locomotive identification, etc.

10, food: fruit, vegetables, fresh, food and other freshness management.

11, animal identification: training animals, animal husbandry, pets and other identification management.

12. Libraries: bookstores, libraries, publishing houses, etc.

13, car: manufacturing, anti-theft, positioning, car keys.

14. Aviation: Manufacturing, passenger tickets, baggage parcel tracking.

15. Military: Identification and tracking of ammunition, guns, supplies, personnel, trucks, etc.


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