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RFID Technology Helps Loading Trolley To Make The Positioning System

- Sep 25, 2018 -

The loading trolleys of domestic production plants have always been determined by encoders on wheels. However, it is easy to slide during acceleration and braking, making the position more and more difficult to determine and can only be corrected manually.

For this situation, many manufacturers have begun to use RFID electronic tags and RFID readers mounted on the transport rails to determine the specific location of the loading trolleys to improve work efficiency. At the same time, it also improves the energy efficiency and consumption efficiency of the plant operation.


Among them, a calcium carbide producer is in urgent need of optimizing its production process. Because the trolley used to fill the raw materials in the calcium carbide furnace must be properly aligned with the loading door, material waste can be reduced. When using the encoder to measure, the frequent acceleration, detection and braking of the trolley will result in a slight slip, and the sliding distance will not be measured by the encoder, so the position data of the encoder is no longer accurate.

When this happens, staff members are required to intervene manually. However, the temperature in the vicinity of the loading door is very high because the electric arc furnace is located below it. The area is a dusty, highly flammable and explosive environment that means workers must wear protective gear and be exposed to considerable safety risks.

This problem has been improved after the selection of RFID tags and RFID readers mounted on the transport rails.

Various Label Tag.jpg

How to achieve this? Install three labels on the loading trolley: one at the opening of the trolley and the other two at a specific distance in front of and behind the opening to indicate the position. An RFID reader is mounted on the rail at each loading gate location. If the loading trolley moves on the rail, the RFID tags on either side of the trolley opening will pass through the reader at the loading door. The reader will read the information from the electronic tag and send a feedback signal to the controller, which then slows down the loading trolley. If the label on the car opening is opposite the reader at the loading door, the reader outputs information from the tag. After the controller receives the information, the loading trolley stops and feeds the raw materials.


The AGV trolley navigation reader is compact and easy to install. It has IP65 protection and is suitable for harsh working environments. It has strong penetrating power, stable and reliable reading, and is widely used in the field of intelligent handling robots.

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