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RFID technology and application Work for Walmart

- Jul 16, 2018 -

                       RFID technology and application Work for Walmart 

At the receiving port of the Wal-Mart distribution center, when the goods pass through the door,

the RFID reader automatically completes the inventory and enters the Wal-Mart database; after the

goods are directly sent to the conveyor, the distribution center distributes the goods according to

the types and quantities of goods required by each store. 


There is no need to manually adjust the orientation of the products; when the goods are loaded on

the way to the stores, the GPS positioning system or the RFID monitoring points along the way can

accurately understand the position and completeness of the products, so as to accurately predict

the arrival of the goods. Time; After arriving at the store, the truck directly installs the RFID reader 

through the receiving port, the goods are counted, or sold directly or temporarily  stored in the store

warehouse, the inventory information in the store database is Reduced, the shelf with RFID reader 

automatically reminds the clerk also updated; to replenish the goods; the goods that are randomly

placed because the customer changes the purchase decision can also be easily found and returned 

by the clerk  through the RFID reader covering the entire store; After the customer purchase, only

the cart needs to be installed from the aisle with the RFID reader installed. 

Through, the statistics of the goods are automatically completed; the general customers can choose

traditional settlement methods such as cash and credit cards, and customers who use the RFID tag 

settlement card can choose RFID checkout, that is, the system automatically deducts the money, and

the trouble  of queuing payment is greatly reduced. Even completely eliminated. Once the goods enter

the various places covered by the RFID reader, the RFID system automatically assumes the function

of EAS (Electronic Commodity Monitoring), thereby effectively preventing theft of the goods.



Through the use of RFID technology, Wal-Mart can save labor costs of $8.35 billion annually and

recover more than $2 billion from theft. According to Kearney's analysis and summary, the benefits

of retailers using RFID technology will come from three aspects: 

1. due to reduced inventory, one-time savings of cash is about 5% of total inventory; 

2. annual reduction of warehouse and warehouse labor costs 7.5% ; 

3. out of stock out of stock products.

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