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RFID TAG And Smart Retail

- Jun 11, 2018 -



The smart retail that had been tepid a few years ago has entered an outbreak in recent years. Not only has the industry expanded from traditional vending machines to unmanned shelves, smart vending machines, and unmanned convenience stores. In the application field, it is no longer limited to fast-moving consumer goods, and gradually expands toward more fields. The pharmaceutical industry is one of them.

Not long ago, when you were hungry, you could bring a separate automatic vending machine to appear in some chain pharmacies. However, this type of automatic dispensing machine is mainly based on a physical pharmacy. The main body of the automatic vending machine is installed in the store to replace the original shelf for drug placement, and the drug intake is placed outside the store to form a 24 Hours of self-service drug sales.

In addition, some pharmaceutical chain companies are also trying this, and the chain pharmacy Neptune has laid a window-type smart drug dispenser downstairs in Haiwang Mansion. However, it is not exactly the same as a hungry vending machine. It does not rely on stores, but it exists in an independent model. It must also be tested.

In fact, smart retail expansion to other industries is also expected. Because, in the process of its development, more and more brand owners have seen the full use of smart retail space and time, which has led to an increase in industry efficiency. This change has an inseparable relationship with the renewal of technology and changes in business models.


The development of mobile Internet has made mobile phones a new entrance to smart retail. It is changing people's spending habits while also improving the efficiency of the entire industry. In terms of payment methods, from the traditional payment of banknotes to the payment of mobile phones today, this change has brought convenience and convenience to people. At the same time, it has also made the traditional generation of vending machines silently laid off. Instead, they can “take it and leave.” "Intelligent vending machines.

In addition, RFID technology seems to be the standard for smart retail. From smart vending machines to unmanned convenience stores, RFIDtags can be seen everywhere. However, it is precisely based on this technology that consumers experience a true sense of “unmanned” and “intelligent”.

While the new technology continues to drive the development of smart retail, the smart retail model is also undergoing unprecedented changes. The reason why “intelligent vending machine + store” has become the choice of many brand owners, one of the important reasons is that it realizes the spatial utilization and extension, and can maximize the synergy effect.

For brand owners, expanding the effective coverage of stores through shop-opening methods is too costly. Therefore, “low-cost, small-size, flexible, and convenient” smart vending machines have become the standard for many stores. It can be based on the store as the core, laying in 1.5 kilometers, and then the store as a pre-position to achieve the optimization of the supply chain. At the same time, the background chain management system of intelligent vending machines can also help stores to create a network of digital, controllable "stores."

In the era of ever-increasing cost of rent, some unused space in the store has become the “disease” of many brands, and the upgraded smart window application has emerged. It can be used as an independent showcase to swing out, or as a window inlaid in the spare space of the store, which can accommodate more than twice the number of SKUs than traditional vending machines.

This shows that it is no accident that smart retail continues to broaden its field. In the future, believing that smart retail under technical blessings will be applied to more industries, it will also develop in a deeper direction and maximize the efficiency of the industry! 

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