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RFID-sticker As Ticket For Toll Collection In 2020 – Malaysia

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Highspeed way toll collection system will upgrade in Kula lumpur! Governor of Malaysia highspeed way Board announced that from January 28 next year, people will be able to pay tolls using more advanced RFID systems than touch-go cards or Smart Tag is faster and easier.


He said that a total of eight radio frequency identification systems (RFID) special lanes are now available in the Klang Valley. The Bureau also started trial operation today and is only temporarily available to police officers. Next is the Consumer Council and hospital.


Ismaili announced to the media today at the e-toll booth promotion ceremony at the Khartoum t

oll booth on the East Coast First Avenue.


From 12:00 noon today, the first and second east coasts officially implement 100% electronic toll collection.

"As we are still at testing stage, coupled with some technical problems, it is now only open to specific vehicles and is expected to be open to all other vehicles by January 28 next year and will be phased in."


He said RFID-based electronic payment stickers are like touch-on cards, which must be deposited, but they are quicker to use and can be read and charged in seconds once the car pass the toll, unlike the one-touch pass-through cards and smart cards that a car must slow down or stop once passing the toll station.


He hoped that by 2020, there will be at least one RFID special channel for toll booths on all avenues in the country.

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