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RFID Or NFC Technology for Event Management Solution

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Have you ever enterred a festival  or concert with tens of thousands of crowded people? 

Have you ever meet the problem for wasting long time in quequing? 

Thanks to RFID and NFC technology development. In recent years, for most events, like concert, festival parties, weddings, exhibitions, sports games, or meetings, where there are with crowded people, there would be RFID/NFC technology.  Especially RFID/NFC wearable technology, like RFID wristbands, which is an electronic ID card for each antendee. with RFID module inside the wristband, it can be automatically identified and responsed by RFID reader. 

RFID access control.jpg

What benifits RFID/NFC technology can bring to event management?

Save time

No one likes waiting in lines. Attendees who get from one place to another quickly (especially to the places involving food) are going to be happier than those caught in the queue. Plus, you’re saving time not staffing a registration table, which can get unwieldy when you’re looking at simultaneous discussion sessions at a big conference.

2. Easier and correct adjustment 

With RFID tracking in all the event area, you can easily know which part is popular at your event according to the system firgure. You can make adjustments to improve your guests’experiences, like adding chairs or moving the salmon puffs to a more central location to improve noshing flow. That means you should monitor activity and act quickly if changes are needed.

3. Increased engagement

RFID is a way for guests to personalize the event, from the contacts they make to the pieces they take away. They become invested in making the process their own, making for a more meaningful experience they’ll hold onto. Design your event to give them plenty of opportunities to use the technology, like stations for more information or networking sessions.

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