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Quickly Grasping How RFID Chips And Reader Work

- Jul 09, 2018 -

Quickly grasping how RFID chips and reader work

We use the water in the most common water pipe as a metaphor to let it simulate RFID, as follows: We compare the water in the water pipe to the magnetic field, he connects the card reader and the card, and the water flow can only flow from the card reader to card.  So the card gets energy.

When the card reader wants to send a signal to the card, it is very simple. By controlling the flow of water, let it flow for a while, and then the card will be felt.

How does the card tell the card reader? It is also very simple. It stops the faucet and lets it flow for a while. It is blocked for a while (the magnetic field is uncoupling, it can't be completely blocked, it is equivalent to blocking some), the card reader knows It is.



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