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Laser Label FAQ

- Sep 28, 2017 -

When people talk about laser labels, they must think of the word "need to be treated with care" because it is difficult to produce and transport. Of course it is a great product and the market is very demand for it. But if you can replace it with other tags, then give up the laser label.

One problem is overheating. Laser presses on the fusion head heat Dahua's 250-300 degrees, to produce a good label, we must put the substrate, adhesives and lining are combined. Even if all the ingredients are well matched, such as labels moving too slowly in print, it is also subject to thermal damage. The other is the problem of label folding-which means that the label is voided. After the product is damaged, it must be repaired to the printing factory.

Before the label is shipped to the user, paper suppliers and manufacturers will have to solve the problem.

Laser labels are generally processed on rotary flexo printing equipment. According to Heinl, vice president of RLP Company in Iowa. "Laser labels are hard to produce on a printing press. ”

The paper supplier needs to understand the requirements of the water control required by the laser label, so as to solve the problem that the edge and the printing press are stuck. Whether the curling occurs on 81/2 or 11 die-cutting, it will be difficult for the manufacturer to solve the problem.

Adhesives are another factor. Heinl said, "If it is too thin and soft, it will be on the drum, which is very expensive to repair." Unless a suitable blade is used at the cutting edge, the dust accumulates on the rollers and the printer is stuck. ”

In addition, on the packaging products also be careful to avoid the label folding edge and damage to the printer information data.

According to sales coordinator F of the Illinois CD Company, the company uses a specially designed roll-proof liner and a sealed plastic bag to pack laser labels to damp moisture (the tide plus heat will make the product curl). Because the adhesive is capable of a year later, the storage life of the label is written on the package. F says that when a user enters a laser label for the machine, it can be put into the feed tray in case of a curling edge, thus avoiding malfunction.

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