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Label Printing Covers Several Major Printing Methods

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Label Printing covers several major printing methods in the sedan stage. According to different product properties, choose different printing methods, for different printing methods, Seihan process is also different. In this paper, the Flexo plate making process as an example is briefly introduced.

FLEXO Plate-making process: quadrochromatic one film (Yin piece) One exposure one rinse one after processing.

1. Manuscript。 Suitable for flexible printing quadrochromatic design should have the following characteristics: more color. But there is less overprint; it is not required to reproduce the special small details; The network cable is not too high, but it can get the color printing effect;

2. Film (Yin Pian). In line with the needs of Seihan, clarity, size and size of the specifications of the film, the requirements of the four corners of the Philippine forest uniform density, the use of the membrane, the density of the white space is below 0.06;

3. Exposure includes back exposure and main exposure.

① back exposure. Photoptic resin version of the supporting film upward, protective film downward tiled in the exposure drawer to receive exposure. UV light through the supporting film to solidify the photosensitive bonding layer. To establish a solid base, but also to control the depth of the wash plate, strengthen the supporting film and photosensitive resin layer adhesion. The back exposure time is determined according to the required base thickness.

② main exposure. Also known as positive exposure, photoptic resin plate support film downward, protective film facing up. Tile in the exposure drawer. The protective film will be torn off continuously, and then the film surface of the Philippine medicine will be affixed to the photosensitive resin plate. The vacuum membrane flat female 1 How to start the high yield * Female a examination method is covered in the film (non-drug membrane vacuum, so that the film and photosensitive resin layer close tightly. Ultraviolet light through the vacuum film and film Light, so that the plate photosensitive part of the polymerization curing. The length of the main exposure time is determined by the plate model and the light source strength. Exposure time too short will make the text gradient too straight, curved lines, small print, little bit is washed off, the other hand exposure time too long will apply version, blurred handwriting. If you have large, xiaoyu, thick, thin lines on the same plate. The visible condition is covered separately by the black film. Small parts will not be lost due to flushing to ensure the quality of the plates.

4. Rinse。 The photosensitive part is washed and dissolved to preserve the relief of light polymerization. The length of the wash version according to the printing plate thickness and the depth of the printing, wash version of the time is too short, the version will leave the photosensitive resin and influence Seihan depth, wash version time too long will make plate expansion, resulting in fine part deformation or fall off.

5. Drying。 Remove the solvent, so that the plate to restore the original size thickness. The baking temperature is between 50-60 ℃. Baking time according to plate thickness and the length of the wash version of the time to determine, the general thick version two hours, thin version of an hour. Baking time too long, drying plate temperature will make the plate brittle and affect the printing life. Baking temperature too low will prolong drying time, bake time too short, printing will appear bad version phenomenon.

6. After processing. That is, in addition to adhesion and exposure. So that the photosensitive resin thoroughly hardened (polymerization) to achieve the necessary hardness index, and eliminate the printing plate sticky, in order to facilitate the transfer of ink. After processing time from the test, the purpose is not to crack, Non-stick.

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