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ETC Electronic Payment Will Been Fully Adopted In The Parking

- May 24, 2018 -



    Recently, the State Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the National Standards Commission announced a series of national standards for《Parking Lot Electronic Payment》. In the future, vehicles that install ETC equipment will not need to stop to pick up cards, swipe cards or pay in cash when entering or exiting the parking lot. This means that ETC will let you to get out of the parking lot and get on the highway in the future, Payment scenarios will be further extended .



Experience brought by ETC's electronic payment may subvert the owner's imagination. Mobile phone payment is becoming more and more popular. Electronic products can be produced for several generations in one year. However, for car owner,even driving a top grade car, it is necessary to prepare for some changes at any time. Now The application widely of ETC electronic payment technology, electronic payment technology will replaced mobile phone payment. Which will be more cool payment methods——Truck Brush Payment.


To achieve truck brush payment, only need one ETC stored value card/charge card , a credit card co-branded card of recharging or handling is used to bind the car to an exclusive real-name electronic account, and the fee is automatically deducted from the electronic account when payment. No Wallet, easy on the road.


Compared with mobile phone payment, brush truck payment is more convenient! More and more new touchless payment methods, but scan code payment, brush face payment such as instant verification payment methods must stop to verify the payment. The reporter made the survey and found that the use of WeChat or Alipay to pay, from the opening to the payment successfully, it takes 3-6 minutes, consume more time, and ETC can accurately identify the goal of high-speed movement within a short distance, triggering automatic deduction through technical induction, no Mobile phone, no network, really do Keep going


Compared to non-incentive payment, brush truck payment is more safer! Nowadays, the popular non-incentive payment requires the binding of its own license plate on the third-party software, opening the function of free payment, and the risk of information disclosure and fund stealing. According to ETC operators, ETC adopts the international DSRC communication technology on the one hand and has a pseudo-random encryption algorithm. On the other hand, the issuance of ETC cards and labels and the opening of charging rights are all subject to supervision, and informal channels cannot be used, which fully guarantees payment security.


At present, the penetration rate of ETC in China is far lower than that of developed countries. However, with the extension of Internet electronic payments, the parking fees and charges will inevitably become the major giants to strive for. After the Smart Parking Policy, the government further deepened the layout of the parking lot ETC charges, trying to give a heavy blow to the parking difficulties and the chaos of parking charges. Brush payment is expected to spread throughout the country.


It is said that the smart parking platform “Orange ETC” created by Guangzhou Jinfuhui Technology Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in operating the ETC toll parking lot in Guangzhou. The platform uses the ETC+ license plate dual-mode identification technology to achieve automatic deduction and no parking access, 24 Hours and long-distance visits to optimize the parking experience, shorten the parking time of the owners, improve the utilization of parking spaces, and reduce the labor costs and operating costs of parking lots.


Orange ETC pioneered "nothing but no set" smart parking operation management services: no charge, all-round support for automatic identification of vehicles entering and leaving the yard; non-cash payments, ETC card deductions + online self-service payment, to eliminate loopholes in cash charges; no parking access, For the first time, the highway ETC electronic toll collection system will be extended to the parking lot application scenario to achieve automated access; focus on duty, apply IoT+big data, set up a cloud platform remote management center, and provide 7*24*365 operation assurance services.


In order to fully implement the “nothing but no collection” smart parking operation management service, Orange ETC will establish long-term cooperation relationship with banks and ETC operators, and in-depth deployment of ETC electronic fee parking to achieve mutual benefit.

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