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35,000pcs RFID Clamshell Cards Order Were Delivered Out

- Nov 27, 2017 -

On Sept.1st, Proudtek was promoting RFID clamshell card. Many long-time cooperated customers were very interested and placed orders immediately, since they trust our quality.

And one of the customers ordered 35,000pcs in end of October.

It takes us one month time from preparing material, producing, testing, packing, and finally delivering.

RFID clamshell card.png

 Proudtek is promoting different RFID products every season. For each promotion time, we give our best support like guarantee product quality, delivery time. Considering some customer is preparing stock, the shipping cost would be a lot, our logistics department colleague talked with each of our shipping agent and finally sorted out several different shipping ways with different time and price level for our customer to choose.


You have problem, Proudtek has solution. 

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