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Why so many fitness clubs are adopting RFID system

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Imagine how the customers may feel about the fitness club while waiting in a line out the front door in the biting cold of mid February? He may give up his course in the following days, or may never want to do fitness again if he catch cold from long time waiting outside. 

More and more peoples  are making time to incorporate regular gym workouts into their weekly routines. But that means the fitness industry is becoming more and more competitive.  Every fitness chain and independent club is looking for what will keep their members happy and loyal. RFID technology is the very best solution to enhance the fitness club's service level and brand level. 

RFID Fitness bracelet.jpg

Club members prefer to walk into the club with as few personal items as possible. Many fitness clubs are already replace barcoded membership cards with wearable, flexible RFID silicone bracelets . waterproof silicone wristbands allow users enjoy themselves in the pool or steam room.

NFC/RFID bracelets brings great advantages to fitness facilities:

1. Easy Admission. no need to waste time in queque for long time during peak time. A simple tap to RFID reader, identified and release. 

2.  Cashless payment.  Customers can buy sports drink by tapping their bracelets instead of digging into their pocket for money. The cost of the drink or snacks would be directly added onto the member's monthly cost. 

3.  Engaging with customers, RFID-enabled passes would let the gym email or send text alerts and coupons to customers.

Since 2015, Proudtek has supplied millions of silicone bracelets to various fitness centers/gyms from various countries.  We deeply understand how to help facilities to enhance their image, how to guide fitness center to applying RFID system. Our fitness bracelets are with more than 30 designes.  We are ready and happy to hear help you with RFID bracelets solution. 

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