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What Quality Problems your customers may meet while using RFID cards?

- Jul 14, 2018 -

RFID card from the appearance and structure to see, it is really a simple item, however, such a small and simple item is playing very important role in people’s daily life and bring our daily life great convenience. Thus, it is our responsibility to produce smart cards with reliable quality.


However, in the market, there are always products with good quality, and at the same time, not so good quality products. To RFID cards, it is the same. 


What quality problems your customers may meet while using RFID cards?                   

²  Peeling off from middle of the cards. During the usage, we may insert the card into our pocket, and sit down, the card would be bent from pressure. After several times, our card maybe peeling off in the middle.

RFID Card Peeling off.jpg

²  Printing card with color variation and white spot. Some companies may buy white blank RFID cards for printing staff identification card or business name card by their own printer. While printing, their cards may not be able to be printed with very clear picture, some cards even with white spot on RFID chip position or card edge.

RFID Printing problem.jpg

²  Printing layer of RFID cards be broken, and color faded away. 

How to Improve or avoid Above RFID cards problem?                                                    

  1.   Choosing top quality PVC material, never use recycled PVC material. Good good qualtiy PVC sheet is clean, not dirty items, very flat on the surface, with exactly same thickness of the whole PVC sheet, thus it is very convenient for laminating good qualtiy card inlay, and enable us to manufacture stable structure RFID cards. 

    PVC sheets for RFID Card2.jpg

  2. Punching a hole on PVC sheet before flip chip, instead of placing chip on surface of PVC sheets, to avoid chip bumping out on PVC sheets.

    Punching hole for COB2.jpg

3. Add PVC overlay before final lamination for protecting printing layer or for better printing effect from white blank cards.


Proudtek is with 10years RFID card manufacturing experiance. We deeply understand how to identify the quality of card material, how to control our card quality both in appearance and in funcation. 

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