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What is the usage of 250khz and 375khz?

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Typically when we mention LF, we will think of 125khz. HF, we will think of 13.56mhz, and for UHF, 860-960mhz will come into our mind. But nowadays, For LF, there is more and more RFID product with 375khz, or 250khz. Why it is that?


The LF cards or readers are normally made to be 125khz, if the protocol is same, they match each other perfectly. Now some readers are designed to read 250khz only, or 375khz, the standard 125khz card will not be able to communicate with these readers. It minimized the compatibility, become a good way to exclude the competitor, the system supplier can monopolize the whole chain, and earn extra profit, meanwhile, as there is very rare of product with this frequency in the market, it also improves the safety of the system.  


Proud Tek can customize frequency of various RFID product.

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