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The basic composition and working principle of RFID system

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The basic composition and working principle of RFID system

What constitutes RFID?

1. Coupling: Electromagnetic waves and magnetic induction are available depending on demand and cost.

2. Inductive coupling: small reading range and small amount of information.

3. Electromagnetic coupling: backscatter principle; reading range can be set according to demand,  large amount of information


The difference between electromagnetic coupling and inductive coupling is that in the electromagnetic coupling mode, the reader transmits the RF energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. In the inductive coupling mode, the reader binds the RF energy around the reader's inductive coil and through the alternating closed coil. The magnetic field, which communicates the RF path between the reader coil and the RF tag coil, does not radiate electromagnetic energy into space.


Software components: RFID system software, RFID middleware, host applications.

– RFID system software: executed in tags and readers

– RFID middleware program: running in the reader and host computer

– Host application: usually running on computers and networks


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