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Six procedures to solve RFID cards package problem

- Dec 25, 2017 -

RFID cards are among the very heavy goods in transportation. With years’ RFID cards business with various customers, considering our customers’ suggestion, we finally got and fixed our RFID cards package standard as below:

1.     100pcs RFID plain card or printed card into one white box,

      Step 1.jpg

2.     Insert plastic foam into the box for fixing cards position to avoid vibration and shocking during transportation

     Step 2.jpg

3.     Stick box marker to specify the inside item and quantity

     Step 3.jpg

4.     All boxes put into one strong carton, empty area to be filled with plastic foam.

     Step 4.jpg

5.     Each carton to be packed into woven bag and fixed by glue tape to avoid carton broken and cards loosen out during transit.

     Step 5.jpg

6.     Stick carton mark onto each carton showing inside items and carton numbers for transportation identification, avoid carton missing.

     Step 6.jpg

Based on above six procedures, our RFID cards can arrive at global customers’ address safely and in good condition. 

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