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RFID technology:An ideal solution for tracking and assets management

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Radio frequency identification( RFID), is a way to identify objects by using electromagnetic tags and each tag has information electronically stored. An RFID system encodes information on the tag.  This information can be anything from specs of a product to location history of the product.


Each tag contains antennas that receive and transmit a radio signal to the readers.

RFID is the ideal solution for tracking assets and inventory in busy environments because, in high-volume scanning operations, RFID allows you to collect data extremely quickly and accurately.


Both RFID and barcoding are used for data collection. There are some major differences you want to take into account when deciding which technology to use.

Comparison: RFID vs Barcoding Systems


As you can see, there are many benefits of using RFID.  There are numerous features that make RFID an ideal tracking solution including:

·         High density of data storage on tags.

·         Range of options for HF and UHF printers.

·         High number of tags that can be read at any one time even in a busy environment.

·         Readers with diagnostic function to detect issues with recording and transmission of data.

·         Flexibility according to the volume and movement of inventory.

·         Capacity to function in harsh environments.

·         Customize the process of tracking items and data.

In industrial environments such as warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution centers, RFID technology is the ideal solution for tracking and managing both consumables and fixed assets. These are challenging environments and RFID will provide you with a fast, accurate, and real-time solution.

Whether you’re using a barcoding solution or a manual system, upgrading to an RFID system can help your staff complete more work in less time all while improving accuracy.


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