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RFID Tags change Life

- Oct 09, 2017 -

RFID is Radio Frequency identification abbreviation, the Chinese translation is electronic label, also known as radio frequency identification technology. With the continuous progress of the society, the development of science and technology and the quickening of the pace of life, people in life in more aspects of the need for a simple and fast method, the electronic tag has emerged. Nowadays electronic labels have been widely used in the daily life of modern people.

In many big cities, by rail transit, once you purchase a one-way ticket with an electronic tag, you can easily transfer between different lines; In the library, you do not need to find the librarian to borrow the formalities, but simply to automatically borrow the system and enter the password, and then easily borrow the books you want In many hypermarkets and supermarkets, RFID tags can effectively prevent people from intending to take away the unpaid goods. In hospitals, the application of electronic labels is more extensive. For example, newborn babies are very similar in appearance, it is very easy to admit the misunderstanding of the baby, on TV or a few decades ago there is a hospital nurse or parents to hold the wrong child, resulting in a lot of family tragedies, can accurately identify the identity thereby avoiding errors. In addition, there are electronic medical records, through which doctors, nurses in the rounds can clearly know the patient's medication situation. In this way, not only the health care staff will be orderly, doctors and families can avoid a lot of trouble.

The wide application of RFID tags has brought many conveniences to people's life, and I believe that in the near future, it will be applied to more and more useful places. At that time, our life will be more beautiful, people can save a lot of times to do more meaningful things

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