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RFID smart card for ticketing

- Aug 14, 2018 -


Smart ticketing is revolutionizing the way amusement park operate and helping give commuters a faster, 

more satisfying journey. In this article we take a look at what smart ticketing it is and the main advantages  

it has over traditional paper tickets.


Smart ticketing is the name given to the system that allows travel purchases to be stored automatically on a 

microchip or in a cloud based system rather than being printed on a paper ticket. This allows ticket data to be 

stored directly on a smart card or accessed utilising a NFC capable mobile device.


Smart ticketing for the transport sector is rapidly becoming more advanced year on year. The use of paper tickets 

is still prominent however, there are easier and more practical ways being implemented such as: e-ticketing or 

payment by contactless card. People want access to their chosen method of transport quickly and efficiently and 

don't want to spend time waiting in queue’s or risk the chance of paper tickets being lost or stolen.


Using RFID smart cards in amusement park, such as those available from Universal Smart Cards, is transforming the 

way operators work saving them time, money and crucial resources and the card is waterproof. It's also a great way 

to improve customer satisfaction giving them a quick and easy journey.

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