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Printing label processing

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties have naturally driven the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers the flat, convex, concave, net and other printing methods, the application of different countries. However, in recent years, the development trend of global labels can be seen, Flexo printing, narrow-range rotary printing, digital printing in Europe and the United States has become a new label printing highlights, but also the development trend of label printing.

Prepress processing

In prepress processing, many customers design orders are offset or gravure printing, this manuscript if the use of Flexo printing, proofs will appear a lot of quality problems, such as the color is not in place, the level is not obvious, the hard edges and so on. Therefore, in order to solve such problems, it is necessary to communicate with customers in a timely manner.

Label printing, standard one anti-counterfeiting

A) today's label printing has manual printing, there are many monochrome or through the machine printing (, can improve production efficiency, the new development of many label printing presses overprinter accuracy, although not high, but improve the printing efficiency, printing quality to be improved.

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