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- Oct 09, 2017 -

Internet of things has been identified as one of China's strategic new industries, "IoT" Twelve-Five "development Plan", undoubtedly to the development of China's Internet and blowing up a strong east wind, and RFID technology as the most important technology of Internet development, its application market will be expanded with the development of the Internet of things.

RFID huge market space is about to open, and the key to the success of an enterprise is whether it can be firmly locked and captured when the demand has not been formed. With the development of the industry, the competition in the industry intensifies, the domestic excellent RFID enterprises pay more and more attention to the industry market research, especially on the industry development environment and product buyers in-depth research.

According to the prospective network "China RFID industry Market outlook and investment strategy planning Analysis Report," survey data show that by 2010, the Global RFID label production volume will reach 33 billion, is 2005 1.3 billion production of more than 25 times times, RFID applications in the next few years will be different with the industry and there is a great difference. Since 1991, more than 150 million cars have been using RFID tags. According to analyst forecasts, the future RFID will be mainly used in supply chain management and other logistics areas, and this market will become the key to the RFID market. But if the application can take effective measures to achieve the production of RFID tags, the price of RFID tags will fall rapidly, application popularization will be around the corner!

As RFID successfully enters its second decade of deployment, the industry's advocates are busy preparing for the second spring of the technology.

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