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Five ways to save shipping cost for RFID cards/RFID Wristbands.

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Since RFID cards, smart card inlays, RFID tags, RFID wristbands are very density and heavy goods, a small cartons goods may cost lots of money for delivering from China to other countries. Under current competitive market, who can save cost, who have bigger chance in front of customers. Then How can we save shipping cost?

 RFID Keyfob package & transportation.jpg

Firstly, if the total packing size is more than 0.5cbm, can consider LCL sea freight. For normal goods, LCL sea freight is charging freight based on size instead of weight.


Secondly, by Railway transportation. China to many European countries are with railway service, charging based on weight, but price is much cheaper than normal courier company, and can deliver to your warehouse or company address.


Thirdly, Choose courier company economic service. For courier door to door service, like DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX, they are of standard service and economic service. From China to American or European countries, standard service takes 3-4days, economic service takes about 6-7days, other areas are with the same time gap. The transportation time difference brings freight charge difference. For goods not that urgently needed, we can choose economic service instead of standard service to save shipping cost.


Fourthly, By air freight. For packages weight more than 45kgs, air freight service is available. However, we must consider loading country and offloading countries’ local charge like customs declaration cost, terminal charge, document fee, picking up charge before choice. So normally, for small packages, like 70kgs, 100kgs, we would check the total cost and guide our customers for transportation choice.


Finally, Establish stable cooperation with a China forwarder. China local forwarder mostly are with more transportation resources especially for small goods or sensitive goods like products containing battery. China forwarders can quickly find solution to send your goods out without too much procedures.


If you have more ideas, please don’t hesitate to share with us.  


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