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5 points to choose a top quality RFID cards.

- Feb 12, 2018 -

As a professional RFID card supplier, Proudtek always meet some customers looking for top quality RFID card. But when we check what is the definition of top quality, they don’t know. So here I’d like to talk about how we judge a card’s quality from the standpoint of a card supplier.

1, Reading distance, it is a very important characteristic of a RFID cards, normally the far, the better. Imagine that when other people need to open your bag, find their purse and then open the purse, and take their card out to swing in front the card reader, and can pass the turnstile, but you just swing your bag in front of the reader, and the door open. It will be very convenient, correct? But how to make a good distance RFID card? 1), card factory need to use good chip, 2), the antenna material should be high quality, 3), the factory need to make as big antenna as possible, 4), the frequency of the card should match the card reader.

2, Printing, for standard RFID cards, there are two types of mainstream printing methods. 1), Digital printing is very versatile, and can print small quantity economically. 2), offset printing offer much more vivid printing effect for RFID cards, it provides much better printing quality normally, but it need stencil which have a fixed cost for each artwork, for small quantity less than 5000 pcs, a lot of factories will avoid using offset printing. ProudTek will provide offset printing for even 1000 pcs.

3, Protection film, we see some printed card will fade and the picture will be scratched off after a while, it is obvious that the card printing is open in the air. For high end cards, after printing, it is important to laminate a thin layer of PVC or PET film, which will protect the printing and the card base and make the card much more durable. ProudTek laminate protection film for all cards.

4, Card edge, high end card need that the card edge to be cut very neatly, never scratch hand, this will make card feel more comfortable, meanwhile it reduces the chances of the card being peel off. Proudtek's top quality card punching mold and accurate equipment will solve this problem.  

5, Card surface, sometimes, we will see that the card is not flat, chip position or antenna position are bumped off, especially for the low frequency cards, because it needs thick copper antenna. The high-end standard will not allow this phenomenon.


ProudTek is a professional RFID card supplier, any demand, please feel free to send us inquiry at info@proudtek.com. We will only recommend the most appropriate solution. Thanks!


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