Industrial RFID Tags

    • Polyimide RFID Tag

      Polyimide RFID Tag

      Product Introduction: The Polyimide RFID Tags is a flexible RFID transponder adopting RFID chip in SMT form and high-temperature resistant polyimide(PI) as substrate, and printed circuit as antenna. It combines the...

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    • Open RFID Tag

      Open RFID Tag

      Open RFID tag is a basic RFID transponder with antenna and chip visible, optional adhesive backing layer facilitates easy installation on any flat surface. It is also semi-product for second time encapsulating.

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    • RFID Bullet Tag

      RFID Bullet Tag

      Product Introduction: RFID Bullet Tag is small cylindric RFID transponder with bullet shape, ABS or PC housing, copper antenna is winded on the magnetic core, which amplify the RF field of the tag and offer very good...

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    • Waterproof Metal Mount RFID Tags

      Waterproof Metal Mount RFID Tags

      Product Introduction: Metal Mount RFID Tags T8MM001 is a very thin UHF RFID transponder packed with ABS material and anti-metal foil. Compared to other On Metal Tags, its thickness is only 4.78mm, and its reading...

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    • RFID Screw Tag

      RFID Screw Tag

      Product Introduction: The RFID screw tag is a RFID transponder adopt the shape of screw, packed by durable ABS plastic, can be screwed into non-metallic surface, which allow drilling a hole, making the RFID Screw Tag...

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    • RFID Button Tag

      RFID Button Tag

      Product Introduction: RFID button tag T8PI01 is also called pill mini RFID tag, a small unobtrusive and robust RFID transponder, packed by ABS material, with strong structure, because of its small size and high...

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    • Printed RFID Tags

      Printed RFID Tags

      Product Introduction: Proud Tek Printed RFID Tag adopts FR4 fiberglass as substrate, etched copper as antenna, it is also called PCB RFID tag. With higher accuracy on electric parameters, allowing more possibility to...

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    • RFID Pallet Tags

      RFID Pallet Tags

      Introduction: Proud Tek RFID Pallet Tags are a passive RFID transponder customized for pallet management, encapsulated by Rugged ABS material, similar size as clamshell card, but with 4 holes on each corner of the...

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    • RFID Brick Tag Tiny Contactless Transponder For Automobile Application

      RFID Brick Tag Tiny Contactless Transponder For Automobile Application

      RFID brick tags are passive transponders of tiny size and hard case. It is to be placed in asset that requires small size and light weight tags. The brick tag though of small size, the performance is sensitive and...

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    • High Temperature Inventory Tracker

      High Temperature Inventory Tracker

      High Temperature RFID tag is specifically designed for tracking items need to withstand extremely high temperature for a long time. The tag can survive in high temperature up to 230℃ and performs well. Besides high...

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    • Mini RFID Hard Tag of Ceramic

      Mini RFID Hard Tag of Ceramic

      RFID ceramic Tag is made from ceramic substrate, it is a very hard tag features of high-strength, water proof and resistant of dense liquid. The hard tag works at UFH band, its superior dielectric ceramic core enable...

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    • RFID Bins for Garbage and Waste Management

      RFID Bins for Garbage and Waste Management

      RFID waste bin tag is a plastic RFID transponder encased in ABS shell and sealed with epoxy resin. The tag is of small size, round shape and with four holes, which is specially designed for affixing by screws into a...

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